I wasn't going to write about the waterfall... I don't write travel posts that start with "I" as this is a group adventure. This one, however, was a bit of a personal experience and in the afterglow, I couldn't remember anything historical or of cultural significance to share. As we continue our journey through Ecuador, my heart keeps drifting back to the 18 meter high Peguche Waterfall and, low and behold, I remember the significance of that place! If you've never stood close enough to a waterfall to get drenched in the updraft, I strongly suggest you do it at least once. The power of it will take your breath away, literally. There's some science about positive and negative ions that I won't attempt to be an expert on. The point is, standing in front of a rushing waterfall is good for you. It ends up that the Peguche Waterfall was used by the Indigenous people for ceremonial baths and ancient rituals. The shamans used to go to the waterfall to clear their bad spirits and be filled with the good. The run off from the waterfall has medicinal benefits because the eucalyptus trees in the area that contribute to the soil. Whether it's science or religion, waterfalls have a magical effect