I am thrilled to announce that though we, like all Travel related services, have been devasted by closures and Travel bans, have found our way to being available to everyone going forward and not allowing this unprecedented disaster close the agency.

To be here for the long haul I have decided to close the Brick and Mortar agency, and operate as a home agency in Walnut Grove. We all want to know when we can return to the sunshine, the history, the enlightening sights and the sounds of our great world. No one has an answer yet I am afraid.

Remember, same name, same great people, same email, same phone number, same phenomenal service and experience!

I know many of you have Travel Credits and we have worked for nine months to negotiate the security of these credits and understand the myriad of rules and regulations as we go forward. When you are ready we are here for you.

To help us stay strong and offer all the same products, and more, we are working with UNIGLOBE SPECIALTY TRAVEL and utilize much of the technology platforms such a company can offer. We recognize that seeing our own country may be our best option now, and UNIGLOBE SPECIALTY has its own DISCOVER CANADA tour division and we can now offer these tours. We can custom build a Canada tour, you just let us know your dream vacation in our country, we will now have all the resources to make this happen!

Should you wish to meet with us in person, we can of course make this happen. It may be a coffee shop, but we also want to see you!

At this time I would like to apologize as I believe inadvertently a communication from UNIGLOBE SPECIALTY was prematurely sent out to their clients, and to ours. This was a glitch, and going forward I assure you all communications will highlight WALNUT GROVE CRUISE & TRAVEL LTD. Thank you for your understanding.

Yours in travel