My husband had a one-day business conference in Roanoke, Virginia, and I wanted to tag-along so we could also visit Cascade Falls, which wasn’t very far away. He works for Microsoft and often goes out of town for business meetings.

After his conference was finished, we had a nice dinner. I had explored the town while he was busy with his conference. The next day we got up early and drove the brief distance to Cascade Falls. Apparently Little Stony Creek falls over a cliff into several different streams, meeting up with other streams a few times on the way down.
As we hiked along, we talked about how good the forest smells, with the damp earth and mossy trees, similar to the smell in the forests where we hike at home outside Seattle. I could hear the birds chirping and every so often spotted a chipmunk or bird.
After a few miles, crossing over low bridges and across narrow pathways, we could hear the roaring waterfall before we could see it. Suddenly after passing around a large boulder, there is was. The waters fall almost 70 feet over the cliffs surrounded by two hundred foot cliff walls into the pool below. There were wooden stairs and platforms so we could get a good look at them

When we hiked back to our car, we didn’t talk, just enjoyed this enormous sense of peacefulness and one-ness with the water, forest and each other. As we drove back to Roanoke and our hotel, we felt really close, like we hadn’t for some time. We talked about our ‘bucket lists’ and where we wanted to travel next. When we arrived back home at the Seattle airport, it was like we’d been on a second honeymoon, our bond was that strong and close.
Next my husband wants to visit Glacier National Park in Montana. It’s always been one of his travel dreams. Thank you Walnut Grove Travel helping us with finding affordable airfare, car rental and hotel!