Returning to from Isabel Island by speed boat to Santa Cruz was for just one night. That afternoon in Santa Cruz we had a tour by boat to a nearby dock where we walked for about 100 yards past salt ponds where we could see how they still make salt in the traditional way.

At the end of this path we arrived at a large crevasse filled with brackish water. The Santa Cruz locals were present, enjoying the refreshing, cool water. Most of us joined them and jumped right in. Wonderful time in the very warm afternoon.

Returning back to the boat, we were then taken to a small bay about 20 minutes away by boat. We were told White Tip Sharks frequented this area (although we didn't see any). We did however see quite a few Sea Turtles poking their heads above the water. Everyone was excited by this and couldn't wait to get in with their snorkel gear. It wasn't long before a few of us encountered Sea Turtles under the water. They are so serene. We also saw many types of colourful fish and even a large Stingray.

Check out this AMAZING sea turtle! Click on the play button & you'll feel like you're right there!