A early start from Santa Cruz and a two hour speedboat ride and we arrived at the harbour of San Cristobal Island. Not a large town but alive with activity, shops, tours (sightseeing, scuba and fishing) and restaurants (Ecuadorian and American cuisine).
Our hotel was one of the best in town complete with very comfortable beds, showers, pool and wifi. The feel of this hotel was much like a multi-level tree fort albeit with comfortable rooms.

Our first tour that same afternoon took us to the Cristobal Interpretation Centre where we learned much about the coloured history of the Galápagos Islands. Most of it in dark times of occupation and exploitation. This was followed by a long walk to a golden sand beach where we were able to snorkel again. The ocean water had many rocks which made entry difficult although we found it as much fun just sitting along the water shoreline while Sea Lions swam up to to us to visit.

The next day had the same guide from the day before taking all of us by boat to two different snorkelling locations. Along the way we were shown Frigate colonies. Male Frigates (like shown below) had their red chests puffed out try to attract female mates. Afterward we boated to another small island where we could see breeding grounds for Frigates, Sea Lion pups, Boobies and Marline Iguanas also live on this island.

Time for snorkelling again. This time along the coastline of this island and up to a point 150 meters or so further up. Sea Lions came out to check us out. Many beautiful fish were swimming among the reefs. We got out of the water and boated to yet another nearby bay and golden sand beach. As we anchored we could see the large shape of an Eagle Manta floating in the crystal clear water below. Some of us went out for free time on the beach while others got straight into the bay water to explore.

Back to our hotel by boat and some amazing seafood dinner in town. Tomorrow, our flight back to mainland Ecuador and onto Cuenta.