Handsome guy :-) There must be a thousand on this island.

Today we landed on the first Galápagos Island, Santa Cruz, and immediately went to see a lava tunnel situated on a private estate. No bats or other wild animals but deep and over 400 meters long. The effects of the lava flow can be seen along the walls. Much cooler than the surface.

Next up was the Giant Tortoise Reserve . Many acres of bush, trails and mud ponds. Giant Tortoises everywhere of various large sizes. Some are over 150 years old. Santa Cruz has the most giant tortoises out of any of the other islands and there is an estimated 3000 of them that call Santa Cruz home.

Later that morning we arrived at Plaza Island, an ecological reserve. Simply amazing. Felt like being at a foreign planet. Strangest landscape. Animals of all types and most native only to the Galápagos. We also saw cliffs full of swarming birds and nests.

Cathy making friends with a sea lion

A Sea Lion & Underwater Iguana. These Iguanas can stay under water for up to an hour without coming up for air.

This is a Booby. Not a Blue Footed kind. We are told there are 27 varieties of Boobies on the Galápagos Islands.

We also took a chartered tour out to a bay about 1/2 hour out of Santa Cruz. Got the chance to snorkel and see many colourful fish and sharks! There is so much to see and to do here, it is truly amazing. A very good "Bucket List" day. Apparently, if you can believe, there's even more to come. Tomorrow the Island of Isabella.

This is our hotel while on Santa Cruz. Nice digs. Cool pool and quaint rooms. The staff here are so polite and friendly. The town of Puerto Ayrora is larger and more developed that expected. Quite a few stores, cafes and restaurants.