If you know anything about cruising, you probably have heard of ROYAL CARIBBEAN CRUISE LINES. They are the leaders in ship innovation and have taken cruising to a whole new level. I recently attended a Royal Caribbean workshop and learned about the OASIS OF THE SEAS. This ship was one of the first designs by RCCL to incorporate “neighbourhoods” throughout the ship. The OASIS has 7 neighbourhoods in total, Central Park , the Royal Promenade, pool and sports, the Boardwalk, Adventure Ocean, Vitality Spa, Entertainment District. There are a total of 2744 staterooms and total capacity of 6,680 passengers. Have you ever wondered what it takes to feed and supply this many passengers? Her are a few facts for you. There are 20 chefs and 222 cooks. 15 bar managers and 188 bar tenders. 37 bars and 28 galleys. All breads and pastries are made fresh on board daily. Ice cream is made fresh on board. Here is what is consumed in 1 week on board. 15,600 lbs of beef, 16,00 lbs of chicken,10,517lbs of pork,1800lbs of lobster, 86400 eggs, 1800lbs potatoes, 5800lbs cheese. When it comes to alcoholic drinks 10200 bottles of beer,8500 cans of beer, 2225 bottles of wine,550 bottles of vodka and 11500 cans of soda, 110231 lbs of ice a day. A few construction facts: 3300 miles of electrical cables, the first ever living park at sea with over 12175 plants as tall as 24 feet. 158503 gallons of paint 150 miles of piping and the aquatic theatre pool is 18 feet deep and the largest performing pool at sea. These are just a few facts of what it take to run the largest cruise ships in the world and as time goes by they are becoming bigger and bigger.