Today we ventured over to Isabela Island. The only town here is small (about 2500 people live on the entire island). There are however some excellent restaurants and services (laundry) and tour companies. The locals seem very friendly. Life seems very laid back. Our hotel here is one of the best on the island. Right on the waterfront and with a golden sand beach. Great sunsets, friendly staff and incredible hotel dinners.

Cathy arranged for some snorkelling where we saw many beautiful coloured fish, penguins and sea lions. A manta ray was also seen. The following day had more snorkelling and a tour around the bay. Sea turtles were seen poking their heads up out of the water. We saw even more penguins and the famous Blue Footed Boobie. Boobies are simply amazing. So many, flying in formation and diving down on fish.

There was a common theme on this island and it was to take it easy, enjoy the weather, scenery and company.

\Later we toured a special island that looked like hell itself. Jagged volcanic rock that is home to thousands of Marine Iguanas.