Flying Indirectly

There's no real direct way to get to Quito without your own jet plane. It was an early start and a late arrival. United Airlines had wifi for 1.99 an hour and lots of tv channels for $6-8 per flight so that helped pass the time.Arriving at Quito at night is strange as you can't see your surroundings. You can... read more

Lost In The City

For those of us that arrived early, today was a day of adjusting to altitude and getting our bearings. Our little Inn remains phenomenal. Sit down for breakfast and this sweet lady brings yogurt and granola, fresh fruit and scrambled eggs - and extremely dark coffee. The same sweet lady later was cleaning our rooms, teaching us Spanish and helping... read more


Our day started with a trip to the centre of the world. That would be zero degrees latitude. Of course there is a monument and we all had to walk the yellow line painted along the line of the equator. A couple who arrived a couple days earlier visited the cloud forest which was a "bird nerd's" dream. (Their words.)... read more

The Long and Winding Road

The day started early with our usual fresh fruit, yoghurt and strong coffee served by the ever pleasant Maria. At 8 am we left the hotel for the long journey to Otavalo. On the way we saw miles and miles of greenhouses growing a large variety of roses. Our guide pulled over and bought a dozen white roses for the... read more

Waterfall (Bonus)

I wasn't going to write about the waterfall... I don't write travel posts that start with "I" as this is a group adventure. This one, however, was a bit of a personal experience and in the afterglow, I couldn't remember anything historical or of cultural significance to share. As we continue our journey through Ecuador, my heart keeps drifting back... read more