Visit This: Underwater Winery in Croatia

Drinking and diving don't mix, but we've found one exception. At the Edivo Vina winery about an hour north of the Croatian seaside town of Dubrovnik, you need to slip into a wet suit for a cellar tour.That's because this winery stores and ages their ā€“ aptly named ā€“ 'Navis Mysterium' or 'Sea Mystery' wine ā€“ 20 meters (66 feet)... read more

Dream Cruise to the Mediterranean

Our dream has been to cruise through the Mediterranean on a small cruise ship. We had cruised on larger cruise ships in the past, to Alaska and around South East Asia, but Iā€™d always wanted to travel on a smaller ship. Walnut Grove Travel in Langley was able to find us the perfect one! They were incredibly helpful. We decided... read more